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The Importance of Understanding Your Audience and Picking The Right Channels

In my last blog I touched on some of the marketing advances of the last decade and without a doubt social media was the winner when it came to getting its share of your marketing budget. When I first started Jigsaw just over 6 years ago, social media marketing had become a huge part of marketing conversations in offices and meeting rooms across the country. Nearly to a business though, what we saw was that there was one of three problems:
Problem 1 – a lack of knowledge of the channels and how to make them deliver results
Problem 2 – a lack of resource in the business to utilise the channels effectively and therefore deliver results
Problem 3 – both of the above
These problems still exist in many SME’s today and that was very much why we came into the market. What we also see regularly is businesses spreading themselves far too thinly across multiple channels and not getting results from any. Why does this happen? In my experience they haven’t asked themselves two incredibly important questions before commencing their plan/activity:
Who are my customers/who is my target audience?
What am I trying to achieve from my marketing activity/what are my objectives?
The first question is vital, if you understand this you can make an informed decision on what channel, or channels, are right for you. If you are a B2B business for example, would Instagram or Snapchat be relevant for that audience? If you were a clothing brand with a target audience of 15-25 would LinkedIn or even Facebook be relevant?  Get that bit right first and don’t try to be all things to all people across multiple channels…it will inevitably lead to failure.
Once you understand your audience it is then vital that as a business you are very clear on what success looks like for you…and that will be the content of my next blog. The importance of setting objectives.  See you then!

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